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Waldorf Little League is committed to the safe operation of our Programs. This Safety Plan and Manual has been developed to assist in that effort and to ensure that our league is “ASAP” compliant.


Safety Mission Statement of Waldorf Little League


It is the policy of Waldorf Little League to actively participate in the ASAP Program in order to safeguard the physical and emotional well being of all children participating in any baseball and softball programs, as well as providing a safe and friendly environment for volunteers, parents and spectators.

It is also the policy of our league to:

Ø  Inform and educate our community as to what the ASAP Program is and how it serves the best interests of our participants.

Ø  Involve players, parents, community members, local businesses, law enforcement, fire protection, EMS and other organizations in our ASAP Program through the sharing of information, poster campaigns, advertising and education programs

Ø  Utilize all available resources within our community to further the goals of the ASAP

Ø  Make Zero-Injuries our ultimate goal

1. Our 2018 Little League Safety Officer:  Robert Bell



Within Waldorf Little League, the Safety Officer is an elected Board position.  The responsibilities of the Safety Officer to our Little League are:



ü  Develop and document League Safety Program and distribute in accordance with ASAP policy


ü  Submit a yearly ASAP plan to Little League Baseball


ü  Have the ASAP plan reviewed by the DA/DSO


ü  Submit annually an updated Facilities Survey to LLBB


ü  Insure compliance throughout the league with the established safety policies


ü  Help develop and coordinate all Safety Related Training with the League


ü  Conduct weekly inspections of all fields and facilities at the Stethem Sports Complex.


ü  Report all violations to our Little League Board of Directors along with the corrective actions taken.


ü  Investigate all accidents; provide claims forms and information and track in accordance with this safety manual.


ü  Maintain and distribute First Aid Kits for all teams


ü  Insure league compliance with the Little League Baseball’s Child Protection Policy


2. General Safety Policies for Our Little League


·       This Safety Plan and manual will be distributed to all coaches and managers as well as all officers and league volunteers of Waldorf Little League.

·       Our Little League will inform and involve parents in the Safety Program.

·       Umpires are a vital part of our Safety Program. Umpires will be considered as Safety Officers for each game they officiate in the absence of a District or League Safety Officer and have the authority to stop or delay play due to any safety issues.

·        Before any game or practice, Managers, Coaches and Umpires will carefully inspect the fields/facilities for hazards. Inspection should include bases, fences, outfield area, rest rooms, and bleachers. Managers must also ensure that all phone listings for our Little League Board of Directors and all Emergency Phone listings are predominately posted at the game or practice site. Report all problems to the League Safety Officer. Correct all problems BEFORE beginning play or practice.

·       A working phone will be available at all game and practice sites.

·       Before any game or practice, all equipment (Bats, Helmets, Bases, Catchers Equipment) must be carefully inspected for defects. Discard all defective equipment and report all problems to the Safety Officer. All defective equipment will be returned for permanent disposal. At no time will defective equipment be given away.

·        All rules of the Little League rulebook will be strictly enforced. Our league will ensure that the appropriate Little League rulebook is distributed to every manager, coach, umpire and league/district official. All participants must follow all Little League Baseball Inc. rules, both during practices and games as most rules relate to safe participation. Some rules of special importance

o   All fields under our control will use disengageable bases IAW Rule 1.06

o   Catchers will be properly equipped in accordance with Rule 1.17. All catchers must also have dangling throat protectors secured to their masks in such a way as to provide proper protection.

    • Catchers warming up pitchers or catching for infield/outfield drills will wear catchers helmet, mask with dangling throat protector.


o   Under no circumstances will an adult volunteer warm up a pitcher in accordance with Rule 3.06. This includes standing at the backstop during practice as informal catcher for batting practice.


o   All helmets, catcher/batting will be inspected regularly and comply with all NOCSAE Specifications and Standards.


o   All suspect or clearly defective equipment will be disposed of by our equipment manager. It will not be given away for use by anyone.


o   All bats used by our league will fully comply with the Little League rulebook.

·       All teams will be issued a First Aid Kit.

·       Every Manager is to ensure that a First Aid Kit is available for all games and practices. Managers will also be sure to carry the team first aid kit if traveling outside of the league facilities. All kits should include non-latex gloves, breathing shields.

·       Every Manager is to carry the team’s roster with copies of all Medical Release Forms to all games and practices.

·       Annual Basic First Aid/EMT Training is mandatory for our coaches and managers. All umpires and league officials will also be required to attend.

·       Annual Fundamentals/Skills Training is mandatory for all managers and coaches.

·       Our league encourages the use of protective cups by all male players. We also highly recommend the use of protective mouth guards by all infielders.

·       Our league strongly encourages the use of batting helmet face guards and will provide them to all players requesting them.

·       Our league requires that the Little League Baseball Medical Release be completed, signed and returned to the team manager before participation in any practice or game. There are no exceptions to this rule. Copies must also be provided to the Player Agent.  A blank copy will be provided with the registration forms.


An Emergency Plan with league officials contact information will be posted at all sites used by Waldorf LL.



3. Emergency Phone Numbers




In the event of any serious crime, threat of any type, injury or illness

                 DIAL 9-1-1                    

This will connect you to a dispatcher who will provide the appropriate response to any emergency.  Listen carefully to the dispatcher. They will ask you the appropriate questions and get you the help you need. No matter what, DO NOT HANG UP until the dispatcher hangs up or tells you to.



If the emergency is an injury or illness, follow this procedure


First, protect the victim from further injury! DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM UNLESS THERE IS AN IMMEDIATE THREAT!


Any qualified person at the scene should provide First Aid immediately.


The most important help you can provide to a victim who is seriously injured is to call for professional medical help. Make the call quickly, preferably from a cell phone near the injured person. If this is not possible, send someone else to make the call from a nearby telephone.


First dial 9-1-1.  Give the dispatcher the necessary information. Answer any and all questions that he or she might ask. Most dispatchers will ask your exact location, the telephone number from which the call is being made and your name. They will also need to know what happened, how many victims there are and there condition. They will also ask what help is being given (first aid, CPR, etc.) The dispatcher may be able to tell you how to best care for the victim.


Continue to care for the victim and reassure them until professional help arrives.


If the victim is a minor, find the legal guardian.


Always notify the League President and Safety Officer of any incident, no matter how minor, so that it can be properly documented by the league.


CCSO Police Non Emergency       Phone-301-932-2222

Waldorf VFD Non Emergency     Phone-301-645-3000

President - Donna Bell                Phone-301-752-6727

Safety Officer – Robert Bell     Phone-301- 848-0296

4. Child Protection Policy               

·       ALL Volunteers and Board Members will submit a signed Little League Baseball Volunteer Application. A copy of a government issued photo ID is also required. No applications can be accepted without it. No unsigned applications will be accepted.

·       Our league will conduct background checks on all volunteers through Contractor Advantage Background. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this requirement.

·       Anyone refusing to submit the application and photo id will not be allowed to participate with the league in any capacity.

·       Our league will retain the approved applications and background checks until the end of the calendar year.

Little League Baseball Volunteer Application can be downloaded from (the above is an example copy ONLY.  Use the current form each year from

·       Waldorf Little league encourages the participation of our children in ASAP and will promote ASAP at our facilities by use of ASAP Posters. 

5. Fundamentals Training Events

Our Little League will provide a Safety Training Program. In addition to the following, make up sessions will be scheduled in our area as required.  Training is offered and recommended to all Managers/Coaches, but attendance by at least one representative for each team is mandatory.  Every Manager/Coach will attend this training yearly.


2018 Managers Training Sessions


DATE:  Feb/March  2018

Time(s) 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Coaches and Managers Supplemental Training Outline

For Coaches and Managers

The intent of our league’s Supplemental Training is to provide managers and coaches with the basic knowledge needed to teach, plan and organize. There will be a strong emphasis on safety. Topics will include:

·        Little League Rule Changes

·        Waldorf Little League Code of Conduct

·        Pitch Counts per Age Group and Pitching Mechanics

·        Returning from Injury- What are the Managers and Coaches responsibilities

·        Safety Issues Safe Practice Field Conditions

·        Safe Practice Policy

·        Weather Policy

·        Lightening Safety                                     

·        Lighting Conditions and Safety

·        Injury Prevention

·        Coaches And Managers Code Of Conduct

·        Follow your leagues Safety Plan and ASAP Guidelines

·        Require players to properly warm up/stretch before all activity

o   Warm ups should include gradually increasing working thru the full range of motion for the activity expected and should include a sport specific activity. Lining up and throwing to each other for 15 minutes is not a warm up!

·        Cool down

o   Cool down after vigorous exercise. A 10 to 15 minute cool-down period allows heart rate and breathing to return to normal. Slow walking will prevent blood from pooling in the legs. Blood pooling can cause dizziness and blackouts. Do stretching exercises again to prevent the muscles from getting sore and stiff.


6. First Aid Training Event

Our Little League will provide a Safety Training Program. In addition to the following, make up sessions will be scheduled in our area as required.  Training is offered and recommended to all Managers and Coaches, but attendance by at least one representative for each team is mandatory.  Every Manager/Coach will attend this training at a minimum once every 3 years.


First Aid Training Session

                                                                                               DATE: March 13th, 2018        

7:00 PM

WALDORF Jaycees Hall

Presented by Certified Red Cross Instructors

Training includes:

*Identification of concussions, symptoms and laws

*Treatment of shock

*Identification of heat related illnesses, symptoms, and treatment

*Recognition of asthma emergencies

*Prevention of injuries

*Procedures for lightning and thunder




7. Field Inspection

Managers/Coaches will be required to walk/inspect the fields prior to practices and games.  Umpires will also be required to walk the fields for hazards before each game.


8.  Facility Survey

Waldorf Little League has completed and updated our 2018 Facility Survey on-line.


9. Concession Stand Safety

Ø  The concessions are located in the Facilities Building and are inspected by our League Safety Officer on a regular basis.

  • Our league will post and distribute written safety procedures for our concession operations.
  • Our menu is posted and approved by the League President and Safety Officer.
  • Our league concession manager must be trained in safe food handling/prep procedures by a league volunteer that is an experienced food services employee.
  • Our Training will include
    • Proper perishable food storage and handling guidelines
    • Proper food preparation guidelines
    • Procedures for inspection of all food storage equipment
    • Safety rules for operation of deep fryers, grills or other potentially dangerous equipment
    • First Aid training for all concession volunteers
    • Concessions check lists for opening and closing concessions




10. Equipment Inspection

The League Safety Officer will inspect equipment in the pre-season.  All equipment that is determined to be unsafe will be destroyed.

Ø  Managers/Coaches will inspect equipment prior to each game.  If equipment needs to be replaced due to wear the Manager will inform the safety officer or the Equipment Director immediately.

Ø  Umpires will be required to inspect equipment prior to each game.



11. Accident Reporting and Tracking Policy

All accidents and near-miss incidents must be reported to the League Safety Officer (LSO).

§  All accidents involving an injury that require any first aid or professional medical attention must be reported to the LSO within 24 hours

§  All other accidents and near miss incidents must be reported to the LSO within 72 hours. Near miss accidents are any incident where a player, spectator, umpire, coach, manager or league official narrowly missed being injured.  These “close call” incidents may indicate a safety problem that needs to be addressed before an actual injury occurs.

§  League Safety Officer will investigate and take appropriate action.

§  LSO will also forward comments to the board of directors and fill out appropriate form(s)

o   ASAP Incident Tracking Form

o   Little League Baseball Accident Notification Form

§  LSO will also assist parents in filing claim forms. Copies of all claim forms will be maintained for two years.

§  All accidents and near miss incident reports will be maintained by the LSO for a minimum of two years.



12. First Aid Kit

Each team will be issued an updated First Aid Kit and is a requirement to have it at every practice and game.



13. Adherence to Little League Rules

Waldorf Little League will require ALL TEAMS to enforce all Little League Rules at all levels of play.  Including proper equipment for catchers.

a.     No On-deck batters

b.     Coaches will not warm up pitchers

c.     Bases will disengage on all fields.



14. Qualified Safety Plan Registration form

Waldorf Little League has included a completed Quality safety Plan Registration form with this ASAP Plan.



15. League Player Registration Data or Player Roster Data and Coach and Manager Data

Waldorf Little League will submit Player Roster Data and Coach and Manager data to Little League once the team draft occurs on 4/1/18.

Zero Tolerance Policy

This policy goes into effect as of July 16, 2011 
It is an unfortunate time in our history, and I have discussed this with the D.A. and we think the time has come...


Waldorf Little League, by authority of the D.A. and the President, is instituting a "Zero Tolerance" policy for unruly behavior of ANY spectator at any tournament game.  The Tournament Director, or their equal, can remove said person from the game site due to unruly behavior.  Unruly behavior is anything that causes a disruption, is demeaning to anyone, or in general, not in the spirit of the game.  This policy will be a part of the instructions given to each manager.  The game will be stopped by the Tournament Director, or their equal, and the person will be asked to leave the game site.  If the unruly person will not abide and leave the site, Parks & Rec staff will be asked to contact the local Police.  


Umpires already have the power to ask a spectator to behave, if not, the umpire can eject the team's managers and/or coaches.


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